Recently the very lovely Community Hubs Network asked me to come up with a single shopping list cookbook and this was my brief:

Our brief was (we thought) quite simple:

7 breakfasts

7 lunches

7 dinners

1 shopping list!

All meals needed to serve 1 person (but could be scalable), use as few ingredients as possible, and utlise the same ingredients over as many dishes as possible (turns out this was the tricky part).

When Catriona’s response was: “Oh, like a Crystal maze challenge for cooking!” we knew we had found the right person!

It wasn’t long before Catriona delivered the first draft of Single Shopping List Cooking and we’ve all pretty much been living off the recipes since!

For anyone who has ever been frustrated by cook books for ‘beginners’, or simple cooking guides that are anything but, we hope that Single Shopping List Cooking will finally give you the confidence to make healthy, tasty meals for yourself (and your friends if they ask nicely!).

While most of the recipes are single serve, many of the portions are big enough to split into 2 (or if you add a little more ingredients, 3!), so you are also going to be trying freezing and chilling leftovers.

The single shopping list cooking is for everyone but I thought it would be a great starting point for students who are stocking their larders for the first time. Once you have the basic dry ingredients that will keep in your kitchen you have the basis for so many meals. Just buying fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables as and when you need them. I also wanted to keep the cost down so by utilising the ingredients across different meals this helped with the budget aspect. Keep the recipes as simple and quick as possible to encourage the reader and keep it fun and enjoyable.

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Happy Cooking


© Catriona Macdougall, 2017

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