My blog isn’t designed as a magic elixir to cure all (I wish it was!) but to show you how to make quick and delicious dishes depending on your mood.  From when you feel as flat as a pancake and really can’t be bothered to as tip top terrific as the perfect souffle and everything in between.

I will show you which ingredients you can use to help improve your mental health and well being.  It’s also aimed to help family and friends who love and support you when things seem at the lowest ebb.  Cooking can be as social and inclusive as you want.  I’ll show you recipes that can be frozen or kept for days when you don’t feel like cooking from scratch and how to budget and make the most of left overs.

We will cover how to make fruit and vegetable juice shots for when you need your 5 a day boost and the much needed comfort food for a duvet and box set day.

You don’t need a commercial kitchen with all the latest gadgets and high end equipment.  All my recipes can be made at home utilising what you already have.

The most important thing is to go at your own pace, enjoy what you are making, recognise how you feel and try to have fun in the process.

Let’s begin the journey together…


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